So an attendant and manager got flipped off in the Frozen meet and greet after telling a guest about the 3 hour wait time. Another attendant was told to “go to hell” when she told a mom the same thing. A photo pass person was told to “have a heart” when told a woman to stop…

This is so touching…And although I’ve had my rough times as an attendant at Frozen. I really am happy that there are people out there that are looking out for us. If only everyone could be understanding. Either you want to wait or not. We can’t do anything about it. Why yell at us? :/ 

Thank you kind stranger..

Yes. I miss my Disney Family. 

Yes. I just applied for Seasonal…Something I didn’t think I was going to do. 

But! With my new free time I had to make something for my Frozen family back at EPCOT. I still have more to make, but the first 3 of my Koozie Reindeer are made! 

I’m not great at trying to make them look like characters, buuuttt the blue is supposed to be Elsa like, and pink..Anna. 

Have a question? About Disney? About DCP? About EPCOT? About me?! Ask away!

This is it. My very last picture from working at WDW. 

This was my last day. 

Oh the things I’ve done in the past 8 months. I will never forget everything that I have learned. I will never, ever forget the people that I have met. Nor will I forget the things that I have done. Frozen will also always hold a VERY special place in my heart. <3

From now on this page will be dedicated to Disney as a whole. The Company, my future trips, and if I ever return to work there. I can answer questions if people have them as well. 

Scary Christmas everyone!!! 

Yes I had to work on Christmas, but it was absolutely worth every moment!!


Today has made me realize…

Yes. I work at Norway everyday of my life. 
Yes. I love it with all my heart.
Yes. I love a lot of the people I work with. 

Can times be hard? Can people be mean? Can it be ridiculous at times? Yes..Yes they can. 

But you know what? 
I am very grateful for the people I work with, everyone of them. 

I don’t normally share work stories, but this one I can’t let go. No details, but we made one of the best Magical Moments today for a family of 5. Learning their story, Learning what they had been through..It was just so touching. I experienced for the first time all of the attendants ( including myself) and photopass tear up. I will never forget what happened today in our little Norway room. 

Frozen. Norway. All our Attendants. I will never ever forget about the magic we try to bring everyday. 

This week! 

This week has been pretty slow. Thanksgiving’s coming up so a lot of people are gearing up for that, next week, as CPs, we’re all working Overtime, since everyone else is celebrating Turkey Day. I’ll be hanging out with the Frozen girls all week! 

For class, last week we just played one big team building group game. Was lots of fun to just work together, it was all based around team building through leadership. This week we broke up into groups again and met up at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, we took 2 hours to run around and find different forms of leadership in the parks. We even got to ride a ride or two.

One other thing was, we had a Diversity event for winter, this winter we had an American Thanksgiving. They fed us Turkey and all the fixin’s, we even had meet and greets with John Smith, Pocahontas, Minnie, and Mickey, and Donald! Luckily we got their early and got to eat and see everyone before the lines got out of control, which happened really quickly. 

I GOT TO MEET JOHN SMITH!!! One of the highlights of my Program!

This week has been AMAZING!

First off. I got to work with my two favorite girls. I got to open a new location in Norway, got to learn all about our newest movie Frozen, and work with the most amazing team ever. 

Second. My class. This week we discussed Storytelling, Diversity and Inclusion when being a leader. With the Storytelling we went to Magic Kingdom, there we discussed the different lands and how they transition. It was all about how storytelling can enhance a leader by understand everything about their location. With Diversity we discussed how to handle all types of people, and that doesn’t mean with just race or gender, it has to do with every level of diversity. Including Education, personality, home life, age, ect. With this we also talked about the Areas that we need to focus on as leaders. Including Workforce Diversity, Workplace Inclusion, Corporate Citizenship, and Inclusive Products and service. All of these things help a leader in a number of different ways, not just Disney.

First day!!! Was a total blast! 

Thank you for everyone for your hard work! 

Attendants of Arendelle!! We did it! Opening day!

It all begins tomorrow!! 

We are the Attendants of Arendelle! Norway is our home. 

This week has been absolutely amazing! 

First off….It’s in the 70s!!! Not for very long, but still!!! AHH!!! 

Second. Myself, Reid and my roommate AJ. All went to Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios, it was so much fun! We didn’t get to do everything, we did 3 houses, 2 rides, and the Bill and Ted show because it was so crowded, but it was a blast! Would totally go back again! 

Third. My class this week! So this week was all about Conflict and Recognition in teams. We learned about Strengthening Teams in Times of Conflict, for example what to do when there’s a difference in opinion and what to do as a leader. We also talked about 5 ways we can approach different situations, this includes what to do with guests. These 5 approaches are. Competing, Collaborating, Compromising, Accommodating, Avoiding. All can be used together or in different situation. 

The last thing we did in class for the week is discuss what type of things we can do for team or a singular persons recognition. We talked about the 3 ways for each. Recognizing, Appreciating, and Encouraging. With this we learned about when each is appropriate, and what is involved. For the very last thing we joined together into teams and had to come up with a new recognition program for Cast Members.

Our team decided that we could come up with a College Program Cast Member of the Month. This would mean the hardest working CP Cast Member would be recognized in our service building, along with getting a pin, and free movie tickets. This would hopefully improve motivation in the work place along with giving something back to the College Program.